About Amy

An art entrepreneur, Amy is founder of LiveBreatheAlive.com, providing unique inspirational gifts of her original photography. Her authentic photography explores faith within the natural world, while honoring rural environments with the symbolism of the Cross. Starting with a desire to help a little girl she met in Cuba, LiveBreatheAlive.com, has grown into a mission of getting more images of crosses in the world to help people discover, deepen, encourage, and inspire faith. Her blog and photography are designed to encourage others to seek and see faith in everyday life.

“I'm not a trained photographer. In the fall of 2015 I used my iPhone 5s to take photos that mattered to me, with no intent to do anything with them. Through my interest to help a little girl in Cuba, I considered what I could sell. My first thought was homemade toothpaste, but my recipe didn't work for mass production. Then I looked into making an all-natural tallow skin lotion, but I wasn’t able to find a local grass-fed farmer for a supply. Through my own faith journey, deepening and reconnecting my faith, reading the bible and prayer, I was compelled to take photos of crosses. Several months later the thought came to me to turn my photos into cards. I had come back from visiting my cousin in Colorado, still taking photos of crosses, and I wanted to send her a cross thank-you card.  All I found were pastel, lacy, foo-foo cards of crosses. I wanted a card that was real. I thought maybe the photos, made into greeting cards, could be the vehicle to help the little girl I met in Cuba. And that is how I got started. Today, I communicate with her via email and send her & her family care packages."

Today, Amy's work is shown in a variety of events. She was selected to have a featured exhibition at Beggars Table Gallery in the KC Crossroads Arts District Friday Friday in July, 2019 and has been an artist in the Now Showing program through the ArtsKC Regional Arts Council. She frequently shares her story, inspiration, and progression of artwork at a variety of events.

Finding her voice after taking care of her ailing dear friend/adopted grandmother of 22 years, giving two eulogies in a four month period (including her by blood grandmother), finding a little girl in Cuba and her own faith journey, Amy shares experiences and faith lessons to help others achieve inspiration in their daily lives on her blog.

Speaking to groups, youth, and organizations about her inspirational story of faith and taking a simple idea to reach a goal, Amy uses her experience, insights, and humor to provide a faithful testimony in her Pursuit of The Cross.

Born in Macon, Missouri, Amy's roots run deep throughout Missouri. She's lived in Macon, Fayette, Bolivar, Springfield, Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri. She began her career in human resources and moved to Kansas City in 2000 for professional opportunity. Amy has held senior level human resources leadership positions during her 20 plus years of experience in the private sector. She received her Bachelors’ degree in Business from Missouri State University, and Masters in Human Resources Management from Webster University. Prior to starting her own company, Arbor Grove, LLC in 2014, Bretall was Senior Vice President, HR Director at Arvest Bank, for the Kansas City market. Amy currently provides HR, community outreach and engagement and business consulting services.


Interview January 21, 2018

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BeEncouraged Magazine Nov 2016
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Pursuing the Cross, Page 1/2
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