My Inspiration

Inspired by A Little Girl in Cuba

The Faith and Cuba Collection

A Chance Meeting. It started when I met a 10 year old girl in Cuba in October 2015, outside of Ernest Hemingway's home, turning around, there she was. We walked awhile and talked in broken Spanish. I kept thinking about her. Two days later, in a city of one million, against the odds, I went back to find her.

I returned home to Kansas City and was inspired to raise money for her so she can have a better life. Cuba is a third world communist country where food is rationed and residents live in very poor conditions.  What could I do to raise money? At the same time I met her, I was going through a transformation, reconnecting with the faith from my own childhood. As an expression of my faith journey, I started taking pictures of crosses. Crosses in the urban core; the inner city; the suburbs, and rural areas - crosses everywhere. I had no intent to do anything with the photos, I was just compelled to take them. Through these photos I discovered the cross is life.

In early March 2016, five months after the thought of helping a little girl and going through my own spiritual journey, the idea came - Amy, turn your photos into greeting cards to sell as the vehicle to help the little girl in Cuba. It started there and transformed and unfolded into something more and my mission unfolded of getting more crosses in the world to help people discover, deepen, encourage and inspire faith.

The Rural Collection - Celebrating the Beauty of Rural America

Roots on the Farm. These photos are special for me because they are from my grandparents farm in California, Missouri. Growing up my sister and I would spend a week each summer here and for Thanksgiving and other holidays. Some of my best memories are from times on the farm.

My grandmother sold the farm in 2015, after living in the same farmhouse for 72 years, staying after my grandfather passed.  Visiting her and the farm before she moved, I couldn’t help but to take photos of all the natural beauty.  A farm girl at heart, I was drawn to the images and want to share the beauty of rural America that I hold so dear.

Read more about the peacefulness of the farm on my blog here., titled Where is Your Peacefulness.