About the Art

Amy's Artwork

Amy Bretall’s photography offers a chance to ponder the undefined and rethink where art lives. At the center of her work are symbols of faith, specifically the Cross, to encourage others to see faith in non-secular, non-practiced, and non-traditional environments.

Using only an iPhone, Amy finds overlooked, underappreciated, unformed, and the sometimes forgotten objects, that demonstrates faith within art. Her objective is for people to see the beauty in random objects passed by in their daily activities and to provide a connection to their environment.

Believing nature is the original art form, Amy is inspired by her surroundings. This influence stems from the summers she spent on her grandparent’s farm as a child.

Inspired to help a little girl she met in Cuba in 2015, Amy Bretall founded LiveBreatheAlive.com, a faith-based inspirational company. Her photography explores faith within the natural world, while honoring rural environments with the symbolism of the Cross.

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Inspired by A Little Girl in Cuba

A Chance Meeting. It started when Amy met a 10 year old girl in Cuba in October 2015, outside of Ernest Hemingway's home, turning around, there she was. Two days later, in a city of one million, against the odds, she went back to find her.

Returning home to Kansas City she was inspired to raise money to help her have a better life. Cuba is a third world communist country where food is rationed and residents live in very poor conditions. Amy kept thinking what she could sell to raise money. At the same time she met her, Amy was reconnecting with the faith from her own childhood. In an expression of that faith journey, she was compelled to take photos of crosses...everywhere...in the urban core; the inner city; the suburbs, and rural areas, with no intent to do anything with the photos.

In March 2016, five months later, the idea came to Amy to turn her photos into greeting cards as the vehicle to sell and help the little girl in Cuba. It started there and has transformed into something more.

The Rural Collection:

Roots on the Farm. These photos are special because they are from Amy's grandparents farm in California, Missouri. Growing up she and her sister would spend a week each summer here, for Thanksgiving and other holidays. Some of her best memories are from times on the farm.

Amy's grandmother sold the farm in 2015, after living in the same farmhouse for 72 years, staying after her grandfather passed.  Visiting her grandmother and the farm for the final time, Amy couldn’t help but take photos of all the natural beauty. A farm girl at heart, Amy was drawn to the images and now enjoys sharing the beauty of rural America she holds dear.

Read more about the peacefulness of the farm on the blog here., titled Where is Your Peacefulness.