Heaven To-Do

Heaven To-Do

It’s been over a month since I posted here. Call it a pause, a shuffle or a movement of being “unmoved” in my writing. Or, just maybe, I’m working on something that needs a different focus. I’m working on my Heaven To-Do List.

Are you familiar with it? “Heaven To-Do List”. Do you know what’s on yours?

I first heard of this term from kind of an unlikley source, David Goggins. It’s just that he doesn’t talk about faith, and he cusses a lot. BUT…I like his message of becoming and “Staying Hard” in your mental state. He motivates people to push past the 40%.

I heard Goggins in an interview, and read in his book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, about not wanting to get to heaven and have God look at him, (knowing there will be a judgement for our time and space on earth) with a list of things he could have accomplished. Things he knew he should or could do, but was too lazy. He didn’t want to see his white board of To-Do accomplishments and just stayed on the couch.

The couch of life. The comforts of day-to-day normalcy.

So…I’m working on what I…Me…AMY knows is on MY Heaven To-Do list. No one else knows it. But I do. Some may not get it. And that’s ok. We all get to live our walk. I’m choosing a walk of faith.

To get this To-Do item completed, my brain has switched to “Unpause.” Maybe this includes not being in my creative writing space. It’s time to get this done. And it’s a great feeling! Last year when I thought it was time for me to take action, I heard “Pause.” I didn’t understand it, but I listened. And now I hear “Take the next step.”

It takes consistent steps of faith at any stage in the process. To hear it. And to do it, over and over again. You gotta have “Stay Hard” faith! You gotta believe when no one else does. It’s on YOUR Heaven To-Do board! It requires YOU to take steps to get there.

I’m working on my Heaven To-Do list. 

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