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Faith Is In The Everyday

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In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday

A photography collection of faith images found in our everyday world, paired with messages of hope and inspiration, In Plain Sight is a visual reading experience sure to surprise!

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About: In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight reveals symbols of faith found in everyday surroundings. Through original photography and inspirational messages, Amy Bretall shares a nontraditional path to faith and how it transforms lives.

In her early 40’s Amy experienced personal struggles that took her to a low point in her life. She picked-up the Bible for the first time. Following faith, Amy started seeing images of “everyday” crosses, often in the most unlikely places. These unformed symbols were her spiritual nudge to keep going. Using her phone and creating a blog, Amy started sharing her photos and personal insights around faith-based principles. Today, people share their photos of crosses with her from all over the world.

In Plain Sight will inspire you to see symbols of faith and acknowledge the spiritual presence in your daily activities.

Interview: Finding Everyday Faith

April, 2020 interview with well-being champion Dr Michelle Robins on her Rhythm and Resilience podcast series.

Talking about faith in relationships, nature and where we find it. Hope you find some inspiration!

Watch the full interview on Youtube, click below.

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KC Crossroads Arts District

Gallery Show - Solo Exhibition:

In Plain Sight

• First Fridays in the KC Crossroads Arts District, July, 2019, at Beggars Table

• Using an iPhone, Amy finds overlooked, underappreciated, unformed, and the sometimes forgotten objects, that demonstrates faith within art. View/Read here.


For Your Space

Providing framed artwork to inspire and uplift any space. For business, faith-based organizations and home.

Collections include:

  • Rural
  • Cuba
  • Faith
  • Everyday Faith
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