Faith Greeting Cards

Gifts to Send and Share -Perfect For All Occasions:

Gifts to send and share:  4"x 6" original photos are housed in a 5"x 7" white, tan, or grey border and card stock, matched to compliment the image.  All cards are blank inside. Available in The Cross and Rural Collections.  This project started as a way to raise money to help a little girl in Cuba I met in 2015.

Cross Greeting Cards, Rural Greeting Cards.

Cards available in The Cross Collection and Rural Collection.

This project started as a way to raise money to help a little girl I met in Cuba in 2015.

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Original Photos- The Cross and Rural Collections

Original photographs are available in 8"x10" with white mat to showcase in a larger format. 8"x10" photos with a white mat available for shipping that allow you to place in your own 13"x 17" frame.

Kansas City, MO/Local available in 13" x 17" black frame.

Available in The Cross and Rural Collections.

Please contact us for customization.

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Rural Greeting Cards

Inspired from the time growing up on my grandparent's farm in California Missouri and my love of nature, this collection of original photographs celebrate the beauty of the rural Midwest.

The Rural Collection:  Recapturing moments of Life.

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Live. Breathe. Alive. Blog

3 Words. 2 Eulogies. 1 Voice.

January of 2016, the words in my heart and head were: Live, Breathe, Alive.  I wasn't sure the "how" for reaching, but my inner Me was speaking.  In 2016 I gave 2 eulogies in a 4-month period of time for the grandmothers in my life- one "adopted" and the other by blood. These are the only eulogies I have given. A few things I learned through writing and speaking a eulogy is: In death, there is life. Remembering what someone has given you- in their time, being with them, the presence, how they lived, and their words. The intangible carries the gold. Do we take time to listen, to reflect, in order to learn? Thinking about someone's life, what they stood for, what you learned, and how we can celebrate them is an experience of Life.

In 2016 I found my voice within. I found that I have something to say. About life. About love. About learning. About caring. About my faith journey. I don't have all the answers and am not positioning myself as such, but what I do have is a mind that wants to know more, to use my God given abilities, to help, to be my best self, and at my core to live and breathe in all that life can offer. I can do more. My 2016 three little words beating inside me: "Live. Breathe. Alive." These words naturally pumped to the surface. It was up to me to step to the beat. 2016 I needed change and these words were a guide. They called to me. "Find me." And these 3 words still resonant today. I'll write more about this journey and what I've learned, and keep learning, along the way. One voice- my voice.

"Live. Breathe. Alive." blog. Here I write about life, love, and what I am learning to help others. Sharing and using the voice I have to help.

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Helping a Little Girl in Cuba

Proceeds from the Cross Greeting cards goes towards helping a little girl in Cuba.