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To Inspire Faith

Discover the power! Amy Bretall shares a nontraditional path to faith and how it transforms lives. In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday will inspire you to see symbols of faith and acknowledge the spiritual presence in your daily activities.

A coffee table book with over 50 unique photographs revealing symbols of faith found in everyday surrounding, paired with messages of hope and inspiration. Mixed with artful design, full-color printed pages on thick paper.

Bulk orders Contact Amy. Available in soft and hardcover.

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In The News - April 2021

This is cool! Look who's reading In Plain Sight-- Rev. Adam Hamilton.

Adam Hamilton is senior pastor of Church of the Resurrection, one of the fastest growing and largest United Methodist churches in the country, based in Leawood, KS.


Beautiful Imagery and Poetry

"Beautiful imagery with grounded natural messages of faith. This book is written from the heart for the mind, body and soul. It is a touching look at how we trip over things everyday. Sometimes we realize the grace and other times we completely lost in other pursuits. Thanks for reminding of the things that matter. Bought several to give as gifts to others." -MaryAnn C.

Her writing gave me the ability to see what has always been right in front of me

"I was truly transformed by Amy's thought processes and her observations of what we all see everyday and yet do not think about what God has been telling us all along. What a wonderful book and I sincerely recommend it to anyone." -Jim B.

Meaningful Book!

"Gorgeous book. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but the author's words are authentic, encouraging, and inspiring. I gave this book as a gift and it was a huge hit. Unexpected upside? I now see crosses EVERYWHERE and it makes me smile and give thanks every time. What's not to like? Looking forward to buying more copies for gifts." -Lynn P.

An Incredible Read!

A fusion of graceful imagery combined with introspective text, In Plain Sight takes readers on a journey brimming with belief, hope, and faith. The cross serves as the book’s central character, taking shape in sunsets, shadows, sidewalks, and even stucco. Through chance encounters, we are reminded that when viewed through the proper lens nothing is mundane – even the little things in life can be extraordinary. -Chelan D.

Beautiful and Mesmerizing

"I absolutely loved all of the beautiful pictures and amazing inspirations throughout this book. The delicate simplicity of everyday crosses throughout Amy’s life are so powerful. This is a great book for anyone of any age!"    -Jennifer M.

Truly inspiring!

"Such a beautiful book on feeling and experiencing His love and presence everywhere, in all you do and see. Truly inspiring way to keep Him in your thoughts. Beautiful pictures, wonderful entries."  -Cindy L.

A Must Read!

"This book provides the reader with a new and unique way of looking at faith. We don’t realize the slightest signs of faith in our everyday walk. This book helps point them out and ingrain it into your mind and spirit."-Jordan S.

Speaking. Watch and Hear More.

Speaking to groups of all ages about her inspirational story of faith, the "everyday" cross in her book In Plain Sight, Amy uses her experience, insights, and humor to provide an authentic testimony in her pursuit of the Cross. It's a nontraditional path with messages of hope, inspiration, entrepreneurship and perseverance.

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Book Interview, Dec. 2020

In this short video interview, three selected photos and messages from the book are discussed with Rev. Trevor Dancer. Talking about the presence of faith in our everyday.

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Faith Interview, April 2020

Talking about faith in relationships, nature and where we find it with well-being champion Michelle Robin on her Rhythm and Resilience podcast series.

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Podcast Interview

Christian Entrepreneurs Interview, Aug, 2018

Talking with AnneMarie Cross on her Ambitious Entrepreneur podcast about faith-based insights from my entrepreneurial pursuits with the Cross.

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Solo Exhibition

First Fridays, KC Crossroads Arts District

In Plain Sight

• Using her phone, Amy finds overlooked, underappreciated, unformed, and the sometimes forgotten objects, that demonstrates faith within art.