Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds, by Amy Bretall

Crosses and clouds. Powerful prose. Sublime color images. Gain a deeper relationship with God through a graceful blend of divine imagery and heartfelt words of devotion.

Through a filter of crosses and clouds, Sights of Faith takes readers on a visually-stunning journey of contemplation and self-discovery.

Clouds provide a landscape of change, similar to the choices that we encounter each and every day. How we navigate shifting backgrounds shapes our spiritual identity. Sights of Faith – through the imagery of clouds – takes readers on a riveting journey of contemplation and self-discovery. Readers will:

  • Be inspired with messages of hope and faith paired with color photos of crosses with clouds. 
  • Connect to the presence of God in everyday life.
  • Learn the spiritual significance of clouds.
  • Read cloud scriptures with overarching themes such as guidance, power, and patience.
  • Learn about four tests of faith. Take your own spiritual test.
  • Grow your personal spiritual relationship through inspiring text and introspective photographs.
  • Become familiar with the different types of clouds; each photo has the type of cloud identified for another angle of learning!
  • 40 color photos to compliment Lent.
  • Use as a devotional, small group or book club to deepen faith.

Available in soft and hardcover. 8"x10", full color printed pages on thick paper, 130 pages.

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Powerful & Unique!

"We purchased this book to bring a new perspective of both faith and imagery into our household and it exceeded our expectations. The author takes us on a journey through her camera lens which opened our eyes to faith being everywhere and in some cases the most improbable places." - Kelvin S.

An Exceptional Devotional Book of Imagery & Inspiration!

"Bretall’s inspirational words and photos will encourage the reader to look more closely at their own environment and examine their own life to discover God in plain sight." - Shirley G.

Refreshing Perspective!

"We got Amy's book and couldn't put it down. Well, we put it down only to keep picking it back up again - and again - and again. Thanks for following your heart and creating something beautiful to touch our hearts!" -Stephen I.

Honest and Unassuming

Honest and unassuming, author Amy Bretall shows us how to experience faith in real-world, practical ways that align with our current reality. In Plain Sight forges a modern-day path to God in our otherwise busy and complicated lives, through daily actions intended to grow faith over time.

Amy Bretall’s photography and prose weave together seamlessly. I can pick up the book, open randomly to any page and enjoy a concise, thought-provoking writing paired with a contemporary Cross image that deepens the message." -Gayla G.

An Incredible Read!

The cross serves as the book’s central character, taking shape in sunsets, shadows, sidewalks, and even stucco. Through chance encounters, we are reminded that when viewed through the proper lens nothing is mundane – even the little things in life can be extraordinary. -Chelan D.

"Amy's writing matches her visual style; authentic and inspirational."

- Rev. Michael T.

Speaking. Watch and Hear More.

Speaking to groups of all ages about her powerful story of the strength of faith to produce two unique books, Amy shares the struggles, life challenges, overcoming internal and external doubt to follow what God placed in her heart. Providing an authentic testimony in her pursuit of the Cross, Amy inspires audiences to take action, deepen their personal spiritual relationship, and see God in their everyday surroundings. Contact Amy to learn more. 

Speaking Topics:

  • The Power of Faith
  • Prayer, Perseverance, and Patience
  • Overcoming Doubt
  • Following The Nugget
  • Four Tests of Faith
  • Sweet Jean - You Never Know Where You Will Find Your Jewel
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Book Interview, Dec. 2020

In this short video interview, three selected photos and messages from the book are discussed with Rev. Trevor Dancer. Talking about the presence of faith in our everyday.

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Faith Interview, April 2020

Talking about faith in relationships, nature and where we find it with well-being champion Michelle Robin on her Rhythm and Resilience podcast series.

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Podcast Interview

Christian Entrepreneurs Interview, Aug, 2018

Talking with AnneMarie Cross on her Ambitious Entrepreneur podcast about faith-based insights from my entrepreneurial pursuits with the Cross.

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Solo Exhibition

First Fridays, KC Crossroads Arts District

In Plain Sight

• Using her phone, Amy finds overlooked, underappreciated, unformed, and the sometimes forgotten objects, that demonstrates faith within art.