In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday


Makes a great Christian gift for friends of all ages. Amy Bretall’s first book In Plain Sight:Faith Is In The Everyday is a beautifully designed blend of photography and devotional capturing mundane-made holy scenes. This book provides hope, inspiration and will encourage you to see and recognize faith in everyday life.

Amy’s photos have been recognized and featured in multiple venues including an expansive 4-page spread in a statewide publication and solo exhibitions as a featured artist.


In Plain Sight reveals symbols of faith found in everyday surroundings. Amy Bretall shares a nontraditional path to faith and how it transforms lives. In Plain Sight will inspire you to see symbols of faith and acknowledge the spiritual presence of God in your daily activities. Amy’s work reminds us to slow down and see faith in our everyday life. 

  • Take a journey of faith, on a non-traditional path, to develop and deepen your faith.
  • Over 50 one-of-a-kind color photographs paired with inspiring messages of hope, faith and love.
  • See a new perspective of the surrounding presence of God in your everyday life.
  • Experience the art of faith with 57 unique color photos of “everyday” crosses paired with Amy's authentic inspiring messages of faith, hope, and belief.
  • Creative, beautiful and artfully designed.
  • Meditate and use with your daily Bible practice to open your eyes and heart to a deeper faith.
  • Great Christian gift for women, men, pastors appreciation gifts, graduation gifts and confirmation. Often gifted to Mother's, Father's, friends in need of comfort, hope and during a challenging season, and new/retiring pastors.

  • 8 in. x 10 in., 102 numbered pages
  • Full color printed pages
  • Softcover
  • Thicker paper, 70#
  • Artful design
  • Original photography
  • Publication Date: November 1, 2020
  • Inspire everyone in your life with this Christian gift!

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23 reviews for In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday

  1. Jennifer M.

    Beautiful and mesmerizing! I absolutely loved all of the beautiful pictures and amazing inspirations through this book. The delicate simplicity of everyday crosses throughout Amy’s life are so powerful. This is a great book for anyone of any age!

  2. Crystal W.

    I purchased this book for my mother as a holiday gift. Upon its arrival, my sister and good friend both wanted a copy. This book is a constant reminder that God is always with us. The pictures and short reflections are amazing! I plan to order more as gifts for others.

  3. MaryAnn Camacho

    Beautiful imagery with grounded messages of faith. This book is written from the heart for the mind, body and soul. It is a touching look at how we trip over things everyday. Sometimes we realize the grace and other times we are completely lost in other pursuits. Thanks for reminding of the things that matter. Bought several to give as gifts to others.

  4. Brandon Fahrmeier

    Loved how the book made me realize how God is always in our every day and always visible, the question isn’t whether he is there, it’s if we are looking for him! This book really made me start thinking!

  5. Jim Baremore

    Amy’s writing gave me the ability to see what has always been right in front of me.
    I bought this book for my wife for Christmas as she comments from time to time on how things look like a cross to her. I found time to read it myself and was truly transformed by Amy’s thought processes and her observations of what we all see everyday and yet do not think about what God has been telling us all along. What a wonderful book and I sincerely recommend it to anyone. 12/28/20

  6. Susan R.

    The message in this book is as simple but extremely overwhelming as God’s grace is. In this ever decaying society it’s easy to lost sight of all the good things out there. As humans we have become good at making things so complicated BUT if you just stop for a few seconds as Amy shows in this book, we will all see the hope right in front of our noses. Beautiful book and messages. I highly recommend.

  7. Kelvin S.

    Wow! What a unique perspective of imagery and faith! A great book for men to get in touch with God.

    We purchased this book to bring a new perspective of faith into our household and it exceeded our expectations. The author takes us on a journey through her camera lens which opened our eyes to faith being everywhere and in some cases the most improbably places. We recommend you buy and share this book with others as we believe their eyes will also be opened. In these current times, faith and imagery can be so important. Amy Bretall gives us a powerful and unique perspective with this book.

  8. Marie D.

    Mesmerizing! I bought this book as a gift for my mother because I know she values thinking of her faith every day. After receiving the book, she called the photography mesmerizing and was looking forward to reading each description. If daily devotionals or seeing reminders of faith each day are something that resonates with you, this book will make you smile.

  9. Darren S.

    Wonderful and inspiring book! This is a great book with very uplifting messages. It is an easy read and puts everything in perspective. The pictures and messages complement each other. Now, I see crosses everywhere, and it really helps me reflect on God’s wonderful gift to us. It is perfect for the coffee table, sparking good conversations. I recommend this book for your own use and as a gift.

  10. Brian Z.

    Hard to put down! I gave this book as a gift to a business partner who is also a pastor. When I asked him later what he thought of the book and its messages, he replied that he had to physically get up and place the book across the room if he wanted to get any work done. It was just that hard to put down! An inspiring message of how we shouldn’t overlook the gifts around us.

  11. Justin T.

    What an inspiring book! Amy reminds us of the constant presence and peace of God by using her awesome photography. In the book you’ll see a collection of everyday images and views that are far from ordinary because they contain a reminder of the promise and hope we have in God. This book is a great inspiring read with wonderful photos. It’s a fantastic book to purchase for yourself or as a gift.

  12. Vivien C.

    Beautiful and inspiring! I’ve learned much about faith by reading Amy’s book and viewing her pictures of crosses. The feature, “Debris” was especially meaningful to me. I realized that even though my life is sometimes full of clutter and brokenness, God is always there for me if I just have the faith to look for Him.

  13. Michael Turner

    Amy’s gift for seeing visual reminders of God’s presence in the everyday world is a joyful reminder of God’s constant presence. She sees them not only in beautiful places, but in broken ones; a cracked stepping stone or parking lot, a boarded up gas station. It’s a great reminder that even though each of us is broken we can still share in God’s love with the world around us. Her writing matches her visual style; authentic and inspirational. For me, her book has been a reminder that we can see God at work in the world every day, if we only slow down and look.

  14. Jordan S.

    A must read! This book provides the reader with a new and unique way of looking at faith. We don’t realize the slightest signs of faith in our everyday walk. This book helps point them out and ingrain it into your mind and spirit.

  15. Kevin C.

    “In Plain Sight’ fixed our eyes on beauty. The photography was inspiring and has tickled our vision of see more in the everyday. The writing often bordered on devotional. Take your time and enjoy this book!

  16. Brad K.

    Simple is often the most powerful! A great reminder that God is always with us – we just have to look and see. Amy’s book is an amazing reflection and reminder of that. Very well written and photos are outstanding.

  17. Sundi S.

    Speaks to your soul in a deep and uplifting way! This book is a true treasure. It spoke to me so much that I bough a 2nd copy to gift to a friend! The imagery and stories or each one are so inspirational, and the way Amy brings it around to everyday behaviors is truly enlightening. This book is wonderfully written, easy to read and understand, and spiritually uplifting. Buy one for yourself and anyone you know that can use a little sunshine in their lives!

  18. Linda H.

    Sometimes we feel that God has abandoned us and isn’t present in our daily lives. Amy’s book lays that thought to rest with her images of everyday crosses. Once you see her photographs, you begin to see crosses everywhere and know that God is there – with you and for you. Inspirational photographs that connect you with the Divine all around us. Like pennies from heaven, these photographs of crosses bring the spirit of God to you in the ordinary and offers us encouragement and connection in everyday things.

  19. Joyce S.

    The book is a wonderful reminder of God’s presence in our lives. Seeing the crosses made out of the stark wood of the barn door really resonated with me. The accompanying stories are simple and thought-provoking. I treasure this book!

  20. Christina Jolly

    I really love the everyday reminders of faith that a lot of times we take for granted. Amy did such a beautiful job with the photos as well as her thoughtful insight to faith. I found this book so encouraging and has helped me be more aware and mindful of my surroundings. There is so much hope in the crosses she featured in her book! I love it so much I purchased one to send to a friend!

  21. Beth G.

    I bought this book as a gift for my mother and I wanted to keep it for myself. The pictures and the text are beautiful, meaningful and powerful. It is wonderful to use with meditation. Plus is has encouraged me to be more aware of God in the every day.

  22. Jill

    I got this book as a gift for my Dad and he absolutely loved it. It’s a great way to slow down and take in the beauty and inspiration to connect with your faith.

  23. Krissy W.

    I got this book as a gift and I absolutely love it! A great one to set on your coffee table for conversation starters. Beautiful art and messaging!

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