Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds


A blend of photography and devotional. Crosses and clouds. Powerful prose. Sublime color images. Gain a deeper relationship with God through a graceful blend of divine imagery and words of devotion. Amy Bretall’s second book once again helps people find faith in the everyday, this time with the connecting theme of clouds. Your eyes will see clouds a new! Cloud lover? Devotional lover? Jesus lover? This book brings you closer to God with meaningful messages of faith paired with inspiring full-color original cross photography. This unique devotional book makes a great Christian gift.

Inspiration and awe in coffee table book format with 40 color photos paired with devotions to uplift and enrich your spiritual discipline. Clouds provide a landscape of change, similar to the choices that we encounter each and every day. How we navigate shifting backgrounds shapes our spiritual identity. Sights of Faith – through the imagery of clouds – takes readers on a riveting journey of contemplation and self-discovery. Inspire everyone in your life with this Christian gift!

It’s easy to hear; it’s harder to act. Same with our surroundings. It’s easy to look. It’s much harder to actually see. Those who truly examine their environments are privy to a wealth of inspiration, hope, forgiveness, and spiritual insight. It’s all around us. We just have to know where to look. Sights of Faith deftly points the way.

In this book, readers will:

  • Learn the Biblical significance and themes of clouds.
  • Read scriptures related to clouds with overarching themes such as guidance, power, and patience. 
  • Take a test of spiritual development. How serious are you? Will you listen, will you do? Amy shares her tests of faith in following the call to do more with her cross photography and writing about faith.
  • Table included with over 80 Bible verses on clouds, organized for your easy reference and insight.
  • Become familiar with the different types of clouds. Plus each cloud photo is identified by type and subtype.
  • Makes great gifts for confirmation, graduation, pastor appreciation gifts, Christian women and men of all ages.

  • Printed in full color in the USA
  • 8×10″, 123 pages
  • Thicker, upgraded paper, 70# uncoated
  • Original photography, artful design
  • Softcover
  • Publication Date: November 1, 2021
  • Ideal Christian gifts for those looking to deepen their spirituality and grow closer to God.

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15 reviews for Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds

  1. Brandon Fahrmeier

    Eye opening! I love the way Amy opens my eyes to signs of God in everyday living! This is definitely a great read and we love having it available on the the coffee table for friends to read when they come visit. We consider it a must have book!

  2. Nichole C.

    Wonderful gift! I gave this to a friend show needed a book about hope. She love it as it’s uplifting. Beautiful photography throughout. I highly recommend this book.

  3. Cindy L.

    Stunning photos paired with beautiful scripture and poetry. There are also great descriptions of clouds and their significance. Adds a little peace to each day. Great follow up to the first book!

  4. Ryan R.

    I got this book for my mom and daughter for Christmas. About a week later my mom called me to tell me about a passage in the book. The book had suggested to ‘lay low and rest.” She said she read that at just the right time. The book was a definite hit!

  5. Heather Z.

    I originally purchased this book as a gift. When it arrived, I fell in love with the photos and with Amy’s words. The book is now a welcome additional to my bookshelf where I open in regularly when I need to find space for calm or inspiration in my day.

  6. Tim Nichols

    Sights of Faith is a great book with poetry, pictures of clouds and crosses. These common sights remind me every time I see one about how important my faith is and Jesus’ promise. This book is a very nice follow-up to In Plain Sight. Well done!

  7. Trina Taft

    Uplifting and inspiring photos, prose and scripture. Amy’s second book, Sights of Faith focuses on the beautiful and inspirational meaning of crosses, yet paired with the wonder of clouds and God’s awesomeness in the world makes this a marvelous addition to what I hope will be a series with more books to come! Amy’s eye for sharing God’s presence in the world through crosses and capturing the magnificence of the variety of clouds makes this book a treasure. The photos are amazing and the pose and scripture bring deeper meaning to every page.

  8. Allison A.

    Inspiring! It’s great to pick up this book and read a few pages whenever you need some inspiration. I do find myself noticing beautiful crosses and clouds and signs that I never would have noticed before. Amy challenges us to think of our faith and how these signs could impact us. This is a perfect books for anyone who appreciates these signs and would be inspired as well!

  9. Vivien C.

    Upon reading Amy Bretall’s second book, Sights of Faith, I began to realize the sheer abundance of meaning that crosses and clouds can add to our lives. Clouds are sometimes mysterious cloaks of power, glory and hidden knowledge. They also help to sustain live through their rain. Crosses and clouds symbolize God’s unfathomable gift of His only Son and Spirit that will never leave or forsake us. Thank you Amy for spiritual guidance through your book!

  10. Julie Z.

    So inspirational! Sights of Faith and Amy’s faith journey are truly inspirational. Her life experiences reveal the development of her relationship with God and give the reader a path to how we might all further enhance our relationship. I love how she captures the beauty of the cross with the clouds as a backdrop. I’m keeping this book on my coffee table as I love to re-visit the pictures, poems, and stories.

  11. Cliff Rawley

    What an engaging book! I often miss seeing the wonders of God’s creation. This book influences me to look up and ponder the sky. This book encourages me to look with in my soul to evaluate my relationship with God. In the book Amy honestly shares her faith journey during the process of producing fine work. Amy’s writing and eye-catching photos help me to look up at the heavens with more awareness and to look within to nurture my spiritual growth.

  12. Jennifer L.

    Beautiful photography and reflections for a little boost of faith. I received this book as a gift from my boyfriend and I love it. It’s on my coffee table along with Amy Bretall’s other published book In Plain Sight. I love the thoughtful reflections and the beautiful photography. Whether you want to read the whole book at once or pick it up to read one excerpt, this book will give your faith a lovely little boost.

  13. Pam G.

    Heavenly! Amy’s book is not only visually delightful, but spiritually uplifting as well. I love to take a moment each morning to savor one of her beautiful photos and contemplate her written reflections. Thank you for inspiring us to see the beautiful “Sights of Faith” all around us!

  14. Gayla G.

    In her second book, author Amy Bretall delves deeper into the simple, yet profound richness of faith experienced in everyday life. ‘Sights of Faith’ take the reader a step further, connecting the spiritual and the natural worlds through the religious significance of clouds.

    As with her first book, ‘In Plain Sight,’ Amy returns to draw us even closer to God with her contemporary photography and prose. In her second book, we encounter everyday faith as it evolves and matures. ‘Sight of Faith’ is more poetic, intimate, and passionate. Amy’s photography continues to depict the cross in unique and surprising ways, yet from a seasoned and nuanced vantage point. She examines the Cross in juxtaposition with cloud formations, revealing our interconnectedness with God, the universe, and all aspects of life. Memorable and beautiful, this book is a triumph!

    While ‘Sights of Faith’ is the perfect companion book to ‘In Plain Sight,’ it can be enjoyed on its own. I have copies of both books. For me personally, reading them in order of publication enhanced the experience. Highly recommend!

  15. Kara B.

    What a beautiful compilation of photos, poems, and scripture. I gifted this to my mom for Mother’s Day this year and it was a hit. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, Amy!

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