In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday

by Amy Bretall

Mundane-made holy. Over 50 unique color photographs of “everyday” crosses, paired with inspiring messages of hope, faith and love, to help you discover the power and see faith in your everyday life.

Available in soft and hardcover.

Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds

by Amy Bretall

Welcome to a journey brimming with belief, hope, and faith. The Cross and clouds serve as central characters, captured by chance encounters and an imaginative eye. Deepen and enrich your spiritual relationship with 40 color photos of crosses and paired messages of faith. Readers will be taken on a riveting journey of contemplation and self-discovery, learning the spiritual significance of clouds, scriptures, and tests of faith.

Available in soft and hardcover.

Book Reviews

So Inspiring!

“Sights of Faith and Amy’s faith journey are truly inspirational. Her life experiences reveal the development of her relationship with God and give the reader a path to how we might all further enhance our relationship. I love how she captures the beauty of the cross with the clouds as a backdrop. I’m keeping this book on my coffee table as I love to re-visit the pictures, poems, and stories.” -Julie Z.

Abundance of Meaning

Upon reading Amy Bretall’s second book, Sights of Faith, I began to realize the sheer abundance of meaning that crosses and clouds can add to our lives. Clouds are sometimes mysterious cloaks of power, glory and and hidden knowledge. They also help to sustain life through their rain. Crosses and clouds symbolize God’s unfathomable gift of His only Son and Spirit that will never leave or forsake us. Thank you Amy for spiritual guidance through your book!” – Vivien C.

Uplifting and Inspiring Photos, Prose and Scripture

“Amy’s second book, focuses on the beautiful and inspirational meaning of crosses, yet paired with the wonder of clouds and God’s awesomeness in the world makes this a marvelous addition to what I hope will be a series with books more to come! Her eye for sharing God’s presence in the world though everyday crosses and capturing the magnificence of the variety of clouds makes this book a treasure. The photos are amazing and the prose and scripture bring deeper meaning to every page.” -Trina T.

Great Gift

“I got this book for my Mom and Daughter for Christmas. About a week later my mom called me up to tell me about a passage in the book, suggesting to ‘lay low and rest.’ She said she read that at just right time. The book was a definite hit!” – Ryan R.

A deeply moving exploration of faith in everyday life. A unique, contemporary Christian voice!

In Plain Sight is so much more than a collection of photography and commentary. The book takes the reader on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, bringing belief and worship back down to Earth, to the tangible present. Honest and unassuming, author Amy Bretall shows us how to experience faith in real-world, practical ways that align with our current reality. In Plain Sight forges a modern-day path to God in our otherwise busy and complicated lives, through daily actions intended to grow faith over time.” -Gayla G.
Book cover + open pavement turn

To See is to Believe

“In her personal quest, the author has blessed us, through picture and word, with tools for our own. Thank you, Amy, for opening your eyes and ours.” Grateful Reader

Inspiring work!

“I was recently gifted this lovely book of inspiring photography & meaningful, calming dialogue. It so beautifully illustrated that the often overlooked, simple things of life can offer great healing for one’s weary spirit.” -Linda H.

Speaks to your soul in a deep and uplifting way!

“This book is a true treasure. It spoke to me so much that I bought a 2nd copy to gift to a friend! The imagery and stories for each one are so inspirational, and the way she brings it around to everyday behaviors is truly enlightening. This book is wonderfully written, easy to read and understand, and spiritually uplifting. Buy one for yourself and one for anyone you know that can use a little sunshine in their lives!” -Sundi S.

Refreshing Perspective and a Perfect Gift

“We got our personal copy of Amy’s book and couldn’t put it down. Well, we put it down only to keep picking it back up again – and again – and again. We enjoyed this so much we immediately purchased another copy to give as a gift. Thanks, Amy, for following your heart and creating something beautiful to touch our hearts!” -Steven I.

Captivating and Inspiring!

In Plain Sight is a beautiful compilation of crosses – reminders of God’s love and presence in our daily lives. Amy shares pieces of her life throughout the book which led to her faith journey. This book has inspired me to notice the cross in my everyday life and to remember that we are loved and are not alone.” -Brenda K.

A Must Read

This book provides the reader with a new and unique way of looking at faith. We don’t realize the slightest signs of faith in our everyday walk. This book helps point them out and ingrain it into your mind and spirit.” -Jordan S.

Beautiful and Meaningful Book!

Gorgeous book. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but the author’s words are authentic, encouraging, and inspiring. I gave this book as a gift and it was a huge hit. Unexpected upside? I now see crosses EVERYWHERE and it makes me smile and give thanks every time.” -Lynn P.

Hard to Put Down

“I gave this book as a gift to a business partner that is also a pastor. When I asked him later what he thought of the book and its message, he replied that he had to physically get up and place the book across the room if he wanted to get any work done. It was just that hard to put down! An inspiring message of how we shouldn’t overlook the gifts around us.” -Brian Z.

Inspirational and enjoyable

“Just finished reading this book and have ordered one for a friend. I so enjoyed the faith driven writings related to the cross sightings. Thanks for reminding us to seek and find. I will also share these messages as devotions in some of my groups.” -Ruby S.


“I bought this book as a gift for my mother because I know she values thinking of her faith every day. After receiving the book, she called the photography mesmerizing and was looking forward to reading each description. If daily devotionals or seeing reminders of faith each day are something that resonate with you, this book will make you smile.” -Marie D.

Great book for men to get in touch in touch with God

“We purchased this book to bring a new perspective of both faith and imagery into our household and it exceeded our expectations. The author takes us on a journey through her camera lens which opened our eyes to faith being everywhere and in some cases the most improbable places. We recommend you buy and share this book with others as we believe their eyes will also be opened. In these current and contemporary times; faith and imagery can be so important. Amy Bretall gives us a powerful and unique perspective with this book. It’s a great buy!” -Kelvin S.