In the beginning, I had a card. Using a few of my photos I turned the images into a card gift. Then I wondered what my photos would look like larger and in a white mat/black frame. So I did a few—I had my Cross Collection and Rural Collection (of my grandparents farm). And oh how I loved them!

Then I was writing about faith. Sometimes it was what I saw in the cross photo, my interpretation of the message or how it translated in life to what I experienced—in challenges, loss, uncertainty and how my faith was deepening. 

Years later the idea came to do a book with all of my later found everyday crosses, paired with my writing. I didn’t know this when I started. 

Growing up I didn’t plan, nor want, to write or be an author. I used to struggle to communicate what I was thinking. My mind moved fast and I had a hard time slowing down to thoughtfully form the progression. My first job out of college, in HR, I had to write memos to communicate to employees—new initiatives, new policies, events, open enrollments, acquisitions, etc. Ugg! Over the years I got better. I still find myself developing and working to hone the skill. 

I don’t claim to be a professional photographer. I use my camera phone, still. 

I don’t have an art degree or any formal training. I have a B.S. in business with an emphasis in HR management. I’ve held senior-level management positions for over 20 years. 

What I do have is my faith. And when you take steps in faith, courage within grows. Taking those first steps are some of the hardest. Oh, yes, more come—from people close to you and most of all the Devil of Doubt. “Come on Amy, really? Like anyone is going to buy your book?” That gave me pause. But I kept on. 

When I took photos I had no intent to do anything with the images. That’s one of the cool things about faith—doing before the knowing. Turn to it.

So I encourage you to just do one thing—get started! ✨ Harvest Faith

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