Life is about listening to the Yes. It’s hearing the nudges received and taking action. It’s about being responsible for those faithful messages, often received as inner little thoughts.

The inner ‘Yes’ is often more quiet to the voice of ‘No.’

Taking action on your ‘Yes’ means you need to say ‘No’ to other things. And don’t you know it, if the Enemy can’t make you bad, he WILL make you busy. Doubt is another tool used to keep you distracted and disappointed.

Ideas are easy. It takes effort to execute, act, and implement. Once you move, the energy chain has begun and it becomes easier to continue.

My nudge was taking photos of crosses, a calling within. And so I took action even when I didn’t know the why. The photos of crosses accumulated and then I started seeing what I call “everyday crosses.”  Then I wrote about faith, the meaning I interpreted in the everyday cross image and message received. I did this for years before the idea came to turn it all into a book. A pattern of faith had emerged.

This photo of a 96-year-old reading In Plain Sight would not have been possible if I didn’t take a chance on the idea of turning my photos and writing into a book. It took having faith—developed and deepened over time. It required having trust in what I knew God was leading me to do. I received the signs. Would I trust? Would I listen?

Follow the nugget, use your gifts, and listen to the Yes.

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