My mom does so many things that show love. Most recently, she made me a pillow cover. Just like that. A master quilter, she took her time and loving hands to craft material together, figure out a zipper and create a one-of-a-kind pillow. I asked. She did. Love in Action.

Visiting my parents a few weekends ago I realized, at a new level, all the little things my mom does that show love. Taking care at the grocery store to have the healthy foods available she knows I want to eat. Always having an avocado and extra veggies when I come. Planning and cooking meals with me in mind. All the little things.

When I was growing up she worked full-time along with gardening, canning, making some of our clothes, raising 2 girls 14 months apart. She would take pride to be able to make something for herself and my sister and I out of the yardage. Looking back at old photos I see how much my Mom did to care for us. So much that was unseen, unknown…daily.

My mom shows her care for others by sharing her God-given creative talents- culinary and quilting, among many skills, including an accomplished flutist. She often takes a home-cooked meal when a friend is ill. I get this from her. She shares her creative art in the form of hand-made quilts with family and recently organized a group of women to make over 300 baby quilts and bibs for new mothers in need. Love in Action.

A Mother’s love. The little things in life are big. Thank you Mom.