I’m holding on more than letting go. I still keep Jean’s phone number in my phone contacts and favorite list. A number that hasn’t changed. A love that hasn’t changed. I can’t bring myself to remove her as a contact or fave-a place she has been for so many years- 21 years as my adopted grandmother. It is a number I know by heart, just like her street address. It seems old-school these days to not need a phone to record numbers. She has a permanent place in my heart.

So why am I holding on to this? I think keeping her in my phone is a reminder that she is still with me. A spiritual connection now. Just a thought away. I find myself holding onto all the little things of hers. Especially her scent. An old small hardcase suitcase of hers… I keep it shut tight with a few things that hold her house scent- my Jean. The scent takes me back to a time with her that I don’t want to fade. Is this a little crazy? Crazy love. Enduring love. Life.

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