Over the last year I’ve wished often I had more photos of my sweet Jean. When someone passes, all you have is what you got – in the tangible sense. Yes, that is pretty straight forward. You don’t get more photo opportunities. Even so, it didn’t make my want go away, especially in our iPhone, instant access, photo-taking day.

And then, a few weeks ago I was going through a zip drive of photos my mother digitized from our early childhood years. I realized it also contained more recent years. And what did I find….2 “new” photos of Jean and me over the holidays.

This one is from December 2002…sharing the holidays as we so often did…15 years ago.

The photo captures Jean joyfully peeking out from the little playhouse at my niece Emily.  She first had to hunch down to get into and through the little door. Jean in her full smile.  As she always was…sweet Jean. A gift of another photo.

You just never know where your next blessing will come.

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