Thank you Danita Wood and Sandy Selby with Missouri Life Magazine for the expansive four page feature sharing 11 photos from my book of everyday crosses, In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday.

Faith made the cover! I’m a Missouri girl—born, raised, and lived—and now my cross work is featured in Missouri Life, a state-wide tourism and community magazine. It’s not the traditional place for Christian symbols of faith, and isn’t it great how space is made in unique ways.

“Mundane-made-holy scenes that capture Amy’s attention.” – Missouri Life Magazine

The inside feature is a 4-page spread with 11 of my photos. Nine are taken in the great state of Missouri—7 in Kansas City, 1 from California and 1 from Kingsville. I came across the everyday cross of green tuffs of grass between pavers (shown above) in Tanzania, Africa and the other non-Missouri location was in Las Vegas during a work trip.

All were found in my normal course of daily activities, usually while on a walk or walking to/from a meeting. Faith IS in the EVERY day.

If you like these, you will love the 57 photos, paired with messages of faith, hope and inspiration in my first book, In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday.