“Let me be what my sweet Jean needs.” This is what I asked for last year.  Being a medical power of attorney for someone in declining health is humbling. I say this because I was in awe of the generous hearts and care I saw provided to my 89-year old Jean in the hospital, memory care unit and later in the nursing home. I met many angels who lovingly and kindly gave care to the elderly.

Many times I prayed “Let me be what Jean needs.”  Being a voice for her care, coordinating between multiple doctors, logistics with her local friends, or just holding her hand. Love is in the Doing. I took great joy in caring for my sweet Jean.

“Let Me… Be” for another. This is a good lesson and outlook in life. Being and doing for another. The process of dying is the ultimate for trusting and “letting.” When you don’t have all of the answers, where do you turn? When you don’t know, where do you go? I learned to pray more. And I learned to turn towards my spirituality.

Trusting. Knowing. Asking God to “Let me Be” for someone takes the heaviness away. I didn’t know. I didn’t have experience with dementia or caring for someone aging. What I did have was love. I did my best. And I know it was what my Sweet Jean needed. The gap was filled. It was Well With My Soul.

Where do you go when you don’t know?

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