Along my spiritual journey last year I had several signs of three. It took the 3rd for me to receive the nudge, to hear the hint, to get the message. One of these started last February with a friend mentioning Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life. Had I read it? No. I’ve heard of it.

The following week I visited my cousin in Littleton, Colorado and in the guest room I stayed was a shelf full of Christian books and I noticed 3 copies of The Purpose Driven Life book. I thought about asking my cousin if I could borrow one- she would have gladly given me a copy, but…I didn’t.

A few days later driving back to Kansas City, I stopped at a church in Russell, KS to take photos of crosses and the pastor “happened” to be there. After our hour-long discussion on faith, and right before I left, he had one other suggestion for me  “Oh yeah, I recommend you get this book, The Purpose Driven Life.”

Ok, I got the message. The next day I went and bought the book and started reading. I hope I’m getting better at hearing, seeing and understanding signs. What spiritual signs have you experienced?

Keep the Cross Alive.

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