Peek Inside Book: ‘Sights of Faith’

Peek Inside Book: ‘Sights of Faith’

Clouds provide a landscape of change, similar to the choices that we encounter each and every day. How we navigate shifting backgrounds shapes our spiritual identity. Sights of Faith – through the imagery of clouds – takes readers on a riveting journey of contemplation and self-discovery. Readers will:

  • Learn the spiritual significance of clouds.
  • Read cloud scriptures with overarching themes such as guidance, power, and patience.
  • Be inspired with messages of hope and faith paired with color photos of crosses with clouds.
  • Connect to the presence of God in everyday life.
  • Learn about four tests of faith. Take your own spiritual test.
  • Grow your personal spiritual relationship through inspiring text and introspective photographs.
  • Become familiar with the different types of clouds; each photo has the type of cloud identified for another angle of learning!
  • Use as a devotional, small group or book club to deepen faith.

Available in soft and hardcover. 8"x10", full color printed pages on thick paper, 130 pages.

Front and back covers of Sights of Faith: The Clouds and Cross
Gain a deeper relationship with God through a graceful blend of divine imagery and heartfelt words of devotion.  
Table of Contents from Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds
Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds, by Amy Bretall.

Available in soft and hardcover.
Full color pages, thick paper.Like the first book, I didn't plan on this one. My inspiration started with taking photos, with no intent to do anything with them. Over time, and by taking steps of faith, a pattern emerged. For 6 years I had been taking photos of the cross with clouds. I was drawn to the clouds and had to find out why!