Recently I found three letters from my grandparents, writing me back with dates of 2009, 2006 and 2001. 16 years ago!

The 2001 letter has words written from both my grandmother and grandfather. Grandpa passed in 2002 and Grandma last year so I was touched to read their words about farm life and find their simple appreciation of nature. They mention a little squirrel, bunny, getting the beans planted through the showers, and how pretty it looks with the sun shining. And the nugget, Grandpa writes: “Without your grandmother’s help I couldn’t have done it.”  Appreciation and teamwork. My grandmother was not a housewife, she was a Farmer.

The great historian David McCullough shares how we have lost history with the age of technology. People don’t write their spouses or loved ones. There are no letters to discover and learn from. Yes.  I learned from this letter.

Here is the great simplicity of letter writing or sending a card with a thought- it only takes a few minutes. A sent message and one received in the form of the written word. The best part is discovering their words 16 years later. A glimpse in time.

My sweet Jean kept a letter with the envelop dated 1941, written from her cousin in the war to his father. She kept it. And I kept it. A little history.

What history are you creating?

A few months ago I wrote about handwritten cards and how this little “thing” can be big for the receiver. You can read it here.

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