To follow faith you first have to Find Faith. It’s the seeking, the praying, the patience. I’ve been learning this as I’ve developed and deepened my faith, being dedicated over the last several years, a late bloomer. And like any relationship, it takes time- the devotion, the learning, the opening, the reading of the good book, turning to prayer, and being humble. Just recently learned there was a book in the Bible called Philemon.

Before reading Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life in early 2016, I didn’t know about having a personal relationship with God. It was a foreign concept to me. Growing up we went to church, but it wasn’t IN me, there wasn’t a personal connection. Rick Warren’s book opened my eyes.

What I’ve learned is faith can rebuild you. It starts slowly, but as you pour in, you receive. Like all things, you get what you put into.

And even when you decide to Find Faith, then there is the Following Faith. An ongoing process to explore these depths.

A goal of mine is to be a great woman of faith. What does this mean? I think being a Great Woman of Faith is seeking God first. It is a belief in the practice of prayer, developing an ongoing conversation that matters, and trusting. It is a belief prayer and that God is listening.

What does it mean to you to be a great woman/man of Faith? blog- Pursuit of the Cross series: Designed to encourage others to see and seek the cross in everyday life.