I gave my best presentation one year ago today. This one was in the form of a eulogy for my sweet Jean – Lova Jean Mullins, my dear friend and adopted grandmother for 21 years. Jean is my great love story.

How many of us get a real opportunity to be redeemed? Have you had it? This was mine. This – being in the form of taking care of Jean in her declining health. 21 years building. I didn’t realize it during the 8 month process, but upon completion knew.

Jean never married nor had any children. She had several second cousins, but none “close” enough to fill the role. I write all of this in a humble spirit, not boastful. I’m proud of these acts of love and serving.

I finished strong in the form of being her medical power of attorney in her declining health- thru 2 hip breaks, dementia, pacemaker battery replaced, and ongoing UTI’s. I called her Every day. I finished strong moving her from the memory care unit to the nursing home- sorting her items and making sure she had what she loved.

I finished strong in the form of planning her funeral- selecting the songs she loved, favorite scripture, cards, putting together a photo collection and some of her keepsakes to display. There were 30 people in attendance.

Driving to Springfield a few days before Jean’s funeral, I looked up to heaven with a new realization and said aloud: “You knew all along!” 21 years. It would be me to fill this gap. It was only me. And it was a role I stepped into seamlessly. Maybe that is how you know it is meant for you- there is no question. It just simply…Is. “Thank you for saying Yes,” the minister said to me graveside. Well, there was no other option. It was for me to do.

I finished strong in writing and delivering her eulogy. I didn’t know how all my random thoughts I jotted down would come together. I prayed. I took time. And I found clarity using what I learned earlier in the year from a bible study class. Isn’t it interesting how everything comes together. I sectioned her life into 3 parts- Serving God, Loving God and Knowing God. It fit. I received several “Amens” in delivery. Afterwards, the vocalist found me and said she never met her, but felt like she knew her; it was the best eulogy she had heard. I share this experience in a humble spirit with gratitude. I finished strong.  I keep looking for more ways to finish strong in life.

“Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith…“ Hebrews 12:1.

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