While walking one morning last April I found something meant for me. Has this happened to you? Finding or seeing a symbol in nature? I think this is the best kind. A large thunderstorm passed through the night before and debris was around. I almost went a different way on my walk, but veered to a little loop. And this photo is what I saw.

Last April I was 3 months into my pursuit – taking photos of crosses but didn’t know why. Last March an idea came to me to turn the cross photos into something. What if? Yes. I was praying. Seeking.

And there you were. On my walk I saw something. To me it was a sign telling me you are on the right path.  Like the scripture I had been reciting, Psalms 143:8.

I went back later in the day and it was gone. A few steps on the delicate pieces and the form shifts,  the content moves, changes…evaporates. Timing. It was for Me to see.

Sharing this sighting of the cross with my dad last year as we closed our conversation he said “Keep looking for those crosses.”  Yes. A good daily outlook.

What are you looking for? Are you seeing what is in your path?

Keep the Cross Alive.

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