She is amazing. She uses her gifts to help others. 

A master quilter, she’s been making masks. When at the grocery store or an errand & notices the cashier doesn’t have one, she gives her pretty homemade ones. To help another.  Giving.

She uses her gifts of quilting to give love. Making & organizing others to create hundreds of blankets & burp clothes for mother’s of newborn babies who don’t have. Pretty colors, pattens and homemade. Giving love. 

She uses her gift of cooking & baking. She makes meals for others when they are ill or after a death in the family. Home cooked warmth of food. Giving comfort.

She uses her gifts of an accounting mind and volunteers to complete tax returns for the elderly. No pay. Required training and learning non-fun IRS regulations. She & my dad have done this for the past FIVE years. Because it helps others  in need. Giving knowledge & time.

She uses her gift of music and plays the flute for the church orchestra and a community band. Giving melody.

She uses what she has. My Mom- she’s pretty amazing. And she sets a standard to follow.

  • Use what you have.
  • Use what you’ve been given.
  • To help others.

Growing up on a farm she didn’t have much. She learned to use what she had. She wasn’t shown much love as a child so it’s pretty amazing how she GIVES LOVE to others…with what she has: time to cook & bake, time to create & make, time to calculate.

My Mother (and Father) really have grown up following a Christian premise of “Do good” and “Love Others.”

Use what you have. Use your gifts. And play your melody. Thank you Mom!