Over the 22 years with my sweet Jean I noticed the change of pace. The slowing. And maybe more importantly the recognition of me needing to slow; to adjust to her pace. The small things you take for granted like getting in and out of a car. My “go, do, more” mindset needing an adjustment. I noticed this about 6 years ago, the pace had slowed even more when going places with Jean. It just took longer, which was ok.

But I really I got this lesson of the change of pace last year when caring for my 89 year old Jean to the end. I saw time differently. Not hurrying up, but enjoying the moments of time to slow down. Being comforted by just sitting with her.  The pace in life.

My 89 year old, by blood, grandmother Edna said a year before she passed, “When you’re young, you don’t think about getting old.”  She said you take for granted the ease of getting things done like changing a light bulb, getting around and the little things. Like clipping your own nails-for which I had the pleasure of doing for both my grandma Edna and my adopted grandma Jean. And they were so happy to have it done for them. Ah, the little things. Something simple and it didn’t cost anything- just some time. The pace of life.

What is your pace of life? Pace in life?

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