Now Showing – Signs of Life

I had a real sense of accomplishment last month, September 10, 2016 to be exact. A creative project I’ve been working on for 6 months, little by little, an idea that came to fruition. My adopted grandmother Jean, who passed away 3 months ago, was with me. Several months in the project I told Jean that I was not really sure of the next step; sinking in that it is up to only me to make this idea happen.  She said: “I think you will do it.”  Her cadence: slow and steady. Her words: simple and positive. I can visualize her head nodding slowly as she said the words. Affirmation. Isn’t that what we all need sometimes? Just a few words from someone close. My sense of accomplishment stems from wanting to help a little girl I met in Cuba.  But how?  4 months after the inspiration to help this little girl, the idea for the product came to me – turn some of my photos into cards.  And so the project began….6 months after the idea, my product is showing at Signs of Life book/art/shop in Lawrence, KS.