Two twigs. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot. Like this small cross – formed from two twigs.

Little sticks fallen from a beautiful tree, randomly dropped, one on top of the other, just so. A reminder of an imperfect perfect order of nature. Maybe not everyone would see it. It’s not an exact cross form. It has a little extra style, like it’s in italics for emphasis. Saying to me:

I am here. I am right here. Where you are, there I am.

It doesn’t take a lot for us to be reminded of a higher power. Or to have our spirit refreshed. The little things in life are big and nature brings these signs all the time. They are all around us. Do we take time to see?

Walking outdoors helps my faith walk. Nature is a pathway. Starting my route I almost walked in the opposite direction where I would have come to this twig cross from the reverse angle, probably missing the image.

There isn’t a right or wrong start, but there is significance to the path we are on – the one we are taking. The curves, detours and roadblocks that will come along our way and the persistence to stay. To stay on. To stay above. To stay in faith. What path are you on? What life direction are you walking?

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