Sometimes you get started without knowing the full picture. Starting is like a game. You warm up. You train by taking steps of faith. Little by little you make advances to the goal post. You have touchdowns. And then a new game appears.

Oh, the uncertainty. Well, that IS called walking in faith — not by seeing what’s ahead or knowing the full picture. Steps 1, 2, and 3 that you can see leads you to 4, 5, and 6 which can be a different play book.

The game plan is the same: Be faithful. Do it. And don’t delay.  

Embrace it. And get on with it. Do what you need to be doing, because “It” will keep calling you. You don’t get to choose. The “It” is your “sport”. The “It” is your Step 1.

Be strong and of good courage. There will be times you wish you were sitting over there. But knowing if you were THERE, the call would be telling you to be HERE, working on “It.”

• The “It”—being what’s right in front of you. ????

• The “It”—being what’s in your heart. Listen.???? 

• The “It!” Get distractions out of your way. ????

• Hear it. Do it. And don’t delay “It.”

The book of faith. Reading the original book of faith (the Bible), brought me to publishing a book of faith. Little surprises unfolding to me over five years in the form of what I call “everyday” crosses. As I took steps of faith, my new play book appeared. A book of faith images. And now, you can receive the same surprises I found along my journey. A book of faith. To inspire faith.