Faith Walk

Faith Walk

Sometimes you don’t know how it’s going to start. But it does. You start the “doing” without even really “knowing.” And then, along the way, a development occurs. An idea. Do you listen to it?  Or do you brush it off?  Does your heart keep chanting it to you?

A few small steps of taking action on an idea moves it forward. That’s all it takes. It doesn’t have to go far at first. Just enough for you to feel it. This IS the start.

For me, I began taking photos of crosses. I don’t know why. I was just compelled and I listened to that inner voice. I’m not a photographer; I used my little iPhone. This is the “doing” without “knowing” stage.

Once you get started, then the stages of how bad do you want it, will raise up. Early on I remember my first hurdles were figuring out pixels, receiving different colorings of ordered prints, the re-sizing of square images to a 4×6, etc. I was frustrated and I set the project aside for several weeks.

Faith doesn’t let you see everything. That is why it is called walking by faith….not by sight. At that early-on time (two years ago), I shared my frustration with my dear adopted grandmother Jean. I told her I was asking myself ‘How important is this photo project to me?’ and I realized if I did not do it, it wasn’t going to get done. And you know what sweet Jean says to me? “I think you’ll do it.” Her gentle knowing voice.

A few more weeks went by before I picked the project back up. I was drawn to it. It was for Me to Do. And today, that little cross photo project has turned into my mission. Recently the project culminated into a sermon interview with me speaking about my work with the cross and an art gallery show. Yes, Jean, I did it. Yes, it was for ME to DO.

What is in YOU to do? Listen to it. LIVE your inspiration! BREATHE in faith!  Be ALIVE in your Doing! – Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

2 thoughts on “Faith Walk

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Living by faith is a constant challenge. The cross is a daily reminder of who we follow and how we are to follow.

  2. Thank you Carla for reading and your comment! I agree on the cross being a daily reminder – just right at ALL times.

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