You don’t have to go anywhere special to find what you’re looking for.

I didn’t to take a vacation even though I wanted to escape. I didn’t get a new car to go somewhere. I didn’t buy a new outfit. The externals we may find retreat. 

It’s just right there. My gift was there beside me. Along every unknown turn. A companion with my uncertainty. All I had to do was see. And I couldn’t miss it. 

Because I’d been searching so long. Searching in the wrong places. Then thinking I HAD it, but was mistaken. I felt broken. And I felt like giving up. So I just did what was in my heart. I was “compelled” to take photos of crosses.

And along the way, a pattern appeared. Someone was right there. A higher power giving me a little sign. I took a step of faith. YOU had this happen? Faith. Can I get an Amen? 

The Everyday Cross. It appeared to me in my normal routine of daily activities. While taking a walk, working out, getting coffee, going to a meeting, visiting a friend….I didn’t have to go anywhere special. Because it’s always right there with you. Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.