Fall in love with faith!

As I developed and deepened my faith, God was real and present as a relationship, showing up in unexpected ways that really took my breath away.

A developed love relationship, a spiritual relationship just takes time. A daily devotion. A commitment. It’s a love that holds. And holds you close. 

I found a deeper faith when I started seeing signs in the form of “everyday” crosses. They kept appearing. 

A forever heart of “Be Mine.”

It helped me learn the order of love.

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In Plain Sight: Faith Is In the Everyday, available in hardcover and softcover, online at Amazon.

Covered with Love

From In Plain Sight: Faith Is In The Everyday

On this day at this time? You’ve been here all along. I’ve walked by countless times, stepping near, stepping on, or stepping over. But this morning, glancing at the rightly placed and timed step, I see You.

How does it happen? You keep surprising me with grace and showing up. 

With purposeful thoughts I walk during normal daily activities and then my eyes see You. It’s another gift. Yes, I’ll continue to be faithful. You know what’s in my heart. You gave it to me.

It’s a built-in self-defense system circling our faith. It takes strength and a special tool to open a manhole cover. To open our faith also takes a tool of leverage , called belief. Designed to protect and covered with love. 

It’s all how a person sees it. 

Faith is in the everyday. 

Love From Above

From Sights of Faith: The Cross and Clouds.

Who can say no?

To Your grace and beauty. Your soft love absorbing our soul holes. Soaking in and soaking up, Your loving goodness flows. 

If we only let the love be received. Know the love is ours to have.

It’s often easier to show love to others than ourselves. The striving, the to-do list, taskmaster in the mind. Give me, myself, and I a break. 

Accept the soft grace of love from above. Soak it in. Share the love with yourself.

Surround yourself within the grace of good self-talk. Even with set-backs, disappointments, and worldly life-fails. “Again?” may be asked.

Well, yes. Try it again. A new attempt. A new chance. Reframe your negatives and find the positives. See the good. 

Say “Yes” to the love from above. 

Fall in love with Faith.

Opening eyes to an ever-lasting love.

“I will give you new hearts of love.” Ezekiel 36:26

Sights of Faith is available in hardcover and softcover, online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.