Some people won’t understand. Some people will think your choices don’t make sense. Especially in today’s material world for what “most people” view as important.

But you know….when YOUR heart is changed and you believe in faith, you gotta stay true to it.

It’s being authentic to you. It’s not an option to live otherwise. If your faith is true then it will be reflected. Not just when it looks good and is simple. But when it’s hard and it’s not where you thought you’d be at the age of 47.’s a road map. The Bible as a life strategy…well, it’s the original motivational speaker. Do good, help others, keep good thoughts, speak good words, pray, ask/seek/knock, love.

To believe in something is to then follow it. Yes, that’s where the tension can come in….You mean, to live IN my faith? Not just on the easy principles. The ones that test you. Stay true (the hard) or do what is most practical (the easy)?

The thing is…when your heart is truly changed, what used to be comfortable, isn’t anymore. More is expected. And it comes from within. The mustard seed. 

Faith…even when it’s hard. Stay true to your faith.