It’s pretty cool what God can place in your heart. Two years ago I was inspired to help a little girl I met in Cuba and needed a product to sell. Several months later I started taking photos of crosses as my faith was deepening. I took cross photos all around- urban, rural, churches, anywhere. Crosses I had passed, but never saw. I had no intent to do anything with the photos.

And then the idea came from within— turn your photos into greeting cards. Then I did some larger prints framed, smaller prints framed, and then photos on journals.

It’s a great feeling to see a project Breathe. To come Alive.

Live. Breathe. Alive. These 3 words bubbled up inside me 2 years ago in January. It was the topic of my first blog post last January. “Find Me” the 3 words called. I didn’t know the how. But I was seeking. And I found them. That’s the great thing about Faith- You just start with an open heart. And when the road gets bumpy, you have to turn to following faith. It’s one thing to find faith it’s another to follow faith. Blog: Pursuit of the Cross series: Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.