Her smile—Jean was pure sweetness! You never know where you’ll find your jewel. 

We met at my first job out of college, Mercantile Bank, in 1995 when I was 23 and she was 68. Jean was working part-time in the Human Resources department after having retired from bookkeeping.

She would tell the story to others on how we met saying, “I knew she was the one” to be hired for the HR Rep. She greeted me when I interviewed and answered the phone in my follow-up call.

For 22 years we stuck. More than a dear friend, Jean is my adopted grandmother. 

Asking for her words of advice in life, (when she was 86) her knowing reply was “Trust in the Lord, he’ll take care of you.” She didn’t have to think about the answer, it immediately flowed.

Jean never married, nor had kids. After her sister passed she returned to work part-time to fill time and because she needed the money. In the very end, she almost ran out of money…but didn’t. Trust.

Isn’t it awesome how God blends?

It’s been 5 years since she passed. Lova Jean Mullins 1926-2016. Six months from turning 90.