Shouldn’t we all? Hold on, hang on, hug on, hope on…the cross. An all-in love. What a visual depiction…a little girl clinging to the cross.

I took this photo two years ago. This little photo sat waiting, expectantly, for the right time. It didn’t call to me to use as one of my first photos. There was a lot of distraction in the background. In color, it didn’t pop. But recently, in my abundance mindset, I looked back at all the photos I took in the first 30 days of my “compelled” cross seeking and found this. Not a left-over or a maybe. It just needed a little love. And time.

Like the fig tree parable – give it one more year. Yes, I relate. That was me – give me one more year. It is grace. There is an opening for a new beginning, a way. Even when many may say you missed your shot, you haven’t produced enough, you aren’t where you should be, etc. But…there is always a way. For me, I just took a step to find faith and along the way I was compelled to take photos of crosses. It started there. And then it takes listening and action. It’s pretty cool how God can change your heart. And from all the little steps of faith, fast forward to two years later and now people send me photos of crosses. Me and the cross…yes, yes. A relationship. Yes, one more year. There is always an opportunity of grace. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah, 29:13

This photo, turning it to black & white brought an opportunity for a new focus.

The words came to me: “Shouldn’t we all?” The contrast of the white and black – light always shines in the dark. And the cross is a symbol of light defeating darkness. Hang on, hold on, hope on! Cling to the Cross. The light of the world. One more year.

BREATHE in Faith! Take a step of faith. – Designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.