Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview

I am excited to share that recently I was interviewed about my work with the cross.  AnneMarie Cross, from Australia, reached out to me via Instagram asking to interview about my cross business. Social media makes it a small world – the powers from above. What an honor!  See below to learn more and listen here.


My guest today says, “LIVE your inspiration! BREATHE in Faith! Be ALIVE in your Faith!”

Joining me today is Amy Bretall.

Amy’s pursuit of the Cross started on January 22, 2016 – the day she started reading the bible for the first time and was compelled to take photos of crosses.

Amy’s mission is to get more images of crosses in the world to help people discover, deepen, encourage and inspire faith. Her faith blog, speaking, photography and inspirational gifts are designed to encourage others to seek and see the cross in everyday life.

On today’s show Amy is going to share:

  • Taking an idea and adding the persistence of taking little steps which adds up.
  • I’ve learned that the little things in life are big. Just like a little seed of faith, it grows.
  • My mission started with helping a little girl and has turned into getting more crosses in the world to help people discover, deepen, encourage and uplift faith.

LISTEN NOW: http://bit.ly/TCE189  – Click and then scroll down to listen.

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