I tried soft faith. But it didn’t work. 

I call it soft because it’s the kind of faith that’s lukewarm and easy. It’s when you say you are a man or woman of faith, but still act in the world of convenience and ease.

You DO when it’s easy. You trust when it fits what you understand and want. You believe when it follows your own plan and goals. It’s taken me awhile to really follow and be obedient.

Instead of soft faith, I choose Real faith. One that follows when it’s hard.

Are you following? Or are you chasing? Chasing a feeling? Chasing an emotional need of connection. Chasing love? Chasing something that never quite holds because you just move right on to the next? 

Chasing the worldly goods that tell you: Yes, You are successful. You are really doing something. People really like you and “follow” you on social media- look at all your likes. What a great life you have. LOOK at YOU. 

Well He says, LOOK at ME. Do you see me? I’m all around You. He says slow down, stop looking for constant attention and CHASE ME. 

Chase eternity. Chase God’s love. Because His love will never let you down. And once you meet Him, it’s a fine trickling of attention that just keeps getting better. A love that doesn’t fade. He goes the distance with you.

He’s been trying to get your attention for a long time. He has been Chasing You. He won’t stand you up. It’s the best love you can find because He WILL do what he says, no excuses. He will LOOK at YOU and LOVE all of You.