Seeing the Smalls

Here’s my nephew Jacob on Christmas Day taking time to look at my new book that my sister gifted him & my niece.

At the same time, they each opened the book gift, in a joking manner I said I’d even sign it for them. “You can even get the author’s signature!”

A few minutes later Jacob presents me with a pen and his book to sign. Right then. Right there. Taking time out of the hub-bub of the in-action gifting process. No announcement made, not told to get a pen, I didn’t even notice him leave the room. 

He’s 18. A small action that was so sweet and thoughtful. And you better bet I won’t forget it.

Not every gift costs something. In life, the little things are big. Just like the little signs shown in daily life activities—will you see them? The small nudges, a little idea planted—will you listen?

In life, there's power in the smalls. But only if attentive, aware and when action is taken. Which, interestingly, is the foundation of both my books—to see faith in our every day surroundings. Will we notice the gift?

I took several photos of him looking at the book. A gift for me. 

Seeing the smalls in life is big.

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