Here’s my nephew Jacob on Christmas Day taking time to look at my new book that my sister gifted him & my niece.

At the same time, they each opened the book gift, in a joking manner I said I’d even sign it for them. “You can even get the author’s signature!”

A few minutes later Jacob presents me with a pen and his book to sign. Right then. Right there. Taking time out of the hub-bub of the in-action gifting process. No announcement made, not told to get a pen, I didn’t even notice him leave the room. 

He’s 18. A small action that was so sweet and thoughtful. And you better bet I won’t forget it.

Not every gift costs something. In life, the little things are big. Just like the little signs shown in daily life activities-will you see them? The small nudges, a little idea planted-will you listen?

In life, there’s power in the smalls. But only if attentive, aware and when action is taken. Which, interestingly, is the foundation of both my books-to see faith in our every day surroundings. Will we notice the gift?

I took several photos of him looking at the book. A gift for me. 

Seeing the smalls in life is big.

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